Bye Friends

Today Missy and I said goodbye to our friends Oto and Hisano who are heading home to Japan. 

We know very well how long and boring plane trips are, there’s only so many movies you can watch and iPad games you can play before you lose your mind, so we decided to give a few little things to make the trip more interesting and remind them that we’re already missing them. 

O’s favourite colour is orange so Missy raided the stash and I ran up a drawstring bag from Little Things To Sew by Liesl Gibson and then we filled it with goodies. 

 Bye Oto and Hisano, we’ll miss you xx

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3 Responses to Bye Friends

  1. Colesworth says:

    What a lovely set of things. We have a little friend moving to Hong Kong next week and we got her some similar stuff. Wonder if I have time to whip up a little bag too ;o)

  2. Masha says:

    What a thoughtful gift!

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