Colour Explosion 

My mum loves colour. Loves it with a capital L.O.V and E.  Living with white walls or neutrals would be torturous for her. Her home is forever a changing rainbow. Currently the exterior is a purple colour which looks fabulous even to my white loving eye.  

 Last year Mum had a momentous birthday (that I wasn’t in the country for) and I really, really wanted to make her a quilt. It was obvious that Kaffe Fassett fabrics would be perfect for her. But which ones??? I waited until she came over to the US for a visit and together we chose them. Fabric sorted, next to choose a pattern. Given the colours and variety of prints I decided to go simple (something had to be simple) and cut 70 rectangles at 10.5 X 5.5 inches and stitched two together to make blocks.

 That was way back in September and I’ve been plodding along ever since. The top came together quickly. Then I quilted straight lines 1/2 an inch wide across each block’s width. About 3 seconds into the quilting part I realised that I seriously hate quilting and should have sent it out to be done on a long arm rather than bore myself to death. There were lots of long breaks from it, long as in a month long breaks. 

  Finally it’s done. And I may have done a happy dance when I’d finished that final stitch. Hopefully Mum will like it when she comes to visit again in July.  

    Seriously, how do people finish quilts so quickly??? I need my next project to be super fast.

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7 Responses to Colour Explosion 

  1. dubhels2003 says:

    I know what you mean about quilting, I seem to like the idea more than reality. Half an inch apart on a quilt this size must have taken ages, but is so worth it. It looks beautiful. I am totally in your mum’s camp with colour!

  2. Colesworth says:

    Amazing! So much quilting. I think this is why my last one wound up small with minimal quilting. My Mum loves Kaffe Fassett too ;o)

  3. Masha says:

    It is gorgeous! Your quilting came out very nicely, too. I recently finished my first quilt (it was much smaller than yours) and I also found the quilting to be really onerous – but also really hard to get right.

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