Happy Birthday, Mother’s Day etc etc

Living on the other side of the earth from your family means when you eventually see one another there’s A LOT of catching up to be done. I haven’t sent Mum’s quilt that I made for her birthday last year because I knew she was coming over and I wanted to be there when she unwrapped it. Same with her mothers’ day gift. And no, it’s not because I’m a cheap skate and don’t like paying postage. Well maybe I am a bit. 

     Mum and Dad arrive this week, the day before Mum’s birthday so as well as the quilt, the cushion and a few other bits and pieces I’ve made her a Birdie Sling.  

It’s the 22nd time I’ve made up this Amy Butler bag and I’d forgotten how many pieces and how much interfacing it involves. I have to say after the 22nd time it’s a bit of a tedious sew and I could probably do it with my eyes shut but it does make for a great bag. I know Mum will like it because a couple of those other 21 bags went to her. Best be off to make up the spare bed.

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday, Mother’s Day etc etc

  1. Colesworth says:

    All gorgeous, wonderful gifts. Enjoy your Mum time!

  2. Wow, there should be some Birdie Sling trophy for that achievement!
    Lucky mum and how nice to have family time. Enjoy!

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