Pillow Mania

I bought Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt a little while ago and while I’d love to make a quilt I know it would quite literally take me years and I can’t face it. So instead I’ve made up a few blocks and turned them into cushions. 

     The first one was the Mama Hen block for Chappy’s lovely teacher who is chicken obsessed and calls herself mother hen and her class her flock. It takes pride of place on her story chair in her very engaging classroom. 

    Not to play favourites I quickly made up an Apple Picking block for Missy’s equally lovely teacher. The pattern is actually a companion pattern and not in the book but available from Fat Quarter Shop. 

 The last one (also a companion pattern) I whizzed up was the bee block, this time for my mum who along with my dad is a bee keeper. Their bees seriously produce THE best honey. They also make a range of other honey/beeswax products including hand cream, lip balm, candles and furniture polish. Such busy bees.  
 It’s the first time I’ve made blocks that have so  many pieces and despite my best efforts some seams on the bee block don’t quite match up which sort of drives me crazy. But Mum won’t care, she’s one of those mothers who thinks her kids and grandkids are all incredibly amazing and perfect. And she’s coming to visit in less than a month. Yay!

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One Response to Pillow Mania

  1. Colesworth says:

    They are all wonderful ;o)

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