Well hello there. Long time, no see. Moving to the other side of the world doesn’t do much for your sewing mojo I’ve discovered. We’re now all very settled in our new home, I won’t go in to it because if I start the story I may never stop. Suffice to say life is different but good, we’re all happy and settled.

And I made some stuff for the first time in an eternity. Voila. 

 Some City Gym Shorts, seriously a fab pattern and not just because it’s free.

And because I loved the pattern so much I whipped up another pair to go with an Oliver and S 2+2 blouse that I made in a fabric that I’ve had for a million and a half years.

  I’ve also been working on a quilt for my mum’s birthday. Not this year’s birthday, mind you but last year’s. I marvel at those people who seem to bang out a quilt in a matter of days. I’m like a snail. An elderly, arthritic snail with a walking frame walking up a hill. But it’s getting there and Mum isn’t coming to visit until the middle of July.

Little steps, but it’s nice to be sewing again.

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3 Responses to Back?

  1. Deb says:

    Welcome to this side of the hemisphere.
    Glad you got your sewing mojo back. You’ve made such lovely items and the quilt-in-progress is so colourful. Your mum will surely love it.

  2. Colesworth says:

    She’s going to look great in those clothes. Quilt looks like it will be gorgeous. I’m telling myself that this year I’m going to finish off one that has been stalled for a few years!!

  3. kristin says:

    Yay for a post! Love those city gym shorts and top and the quilt will be gorgeous! Good stuff.

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