Got my first pair of glasses today. Because I’m of a “certain age”. Geez mate, way to make a girl feel good. After he worked out what prescription I needed with his crazy amount of equipment and eye chart after eye chart, I was passed over to a 12 year old with the biggest pair of glasses I’d ever seen to help me choose my frames (that’s right I’ve got the lingo down.) They were comically big. I had a feeling  she and I were not going to be on the same page. I was correct. At one point I said “I’m not prepared for this” and cracked some joke about being a geriatric to which she just smirked. Probably heard them all before. Anyways that was last week and today I picked up my spectacles which are not very  big but are very conservative. Still made my kids laugh though. Nice.

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Why does life get in the way of the things you want to do???   I haven’t sat down at the Bernina for an age. What have I been doing instead?  Absolutely freaking nothing. Or nothing that I can think of any way. We did go camping last weekend with a bunch of other families which was fun but made me realise how much I hate sleeping on an air mattress and getting dirty. I think I may be a princess, I think some of our camping companions may have thought that too. It may have had something to do with the fact that I insisted on ironing my shirts in the morning and accessorising. I can’t help it. Oh well.

Other than camping I can’t think of anything. I need a slap.

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A run and a stitch or two

So not only did the drain incident interfere with my daily run it also completely decimated my sewjo. I feel as though the last month, life has been paused and that I have become too well acquainted with the couch and good tv. It’s time to get my old life back. So after I dusted off the Mizunos I set to work on the Bernina and cranked out a couple of things.


I’ve put myself on another pattern buying hiatus and have pulled out a couple of old favourites. I adore the Icecream top by O & S. I’ve never made the dress version but have made up the top a number of times and have always loved the result. I realise I’ve only ever used one fabric. I’m so freaking boring. The fabric is a lawn that was super cheap in a Spotlight sale. I’m talking $3 per metre cheap.


Badminton shorts are Missy’s all time favourite. Made up in chambray, they should go with everything and I know they will be worn. I think I may have made the exact same ones last year but it seems the drain has also affected my memory and my enthusiasm to actually go and look.


Not sure if the top will ever see the light of day. Oh well, I enjoyed myself making it.

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I’m going for a run tomorrow. I haven’t run for exactly 4 weeks because 4 weeks ago I fell down a drain and hurt my leg really badly. Really badly. I became a walking or rather limping example of purple. It’s been really sucky to be honest. Although, I can’t lie, I’ve secretly enjoyed not leaving the house at the crack of dawn and coming back looking like a beetroot. But the beautiful hematoma has almost gone now so I’m back on the early starts.

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Freaking Lunch

How is it that out of three children who were raised on the same diet, there is one who is so damn fussy he is sending his mother to an early grave? Two little people are awesome eaters, one little person is not so awesome. Not so awesome at all. Given the choice the child would exist on vita wheat biscuits, bacon (but not on pizzas) and steak (with no sauce of any description). He does eat other things and he eats a lot of the things he likes, but it beggars belief what he won’t touch.

He has become better as he gets older but school lunches are still an issue. Combine his fussiness with the school’s bloody food code and my obsession with numbers and there’s not a lot left. We’re a nude food school. Heard of that? Basically means try not to send any extra packaging, cling wrap is the devil’s pancake. Also no nuts of any description. Better than kindy, no nuts, no kiwi fruit, no eggs, no shellfish, no dairy blah blah blah.

So today here’s what was sent,

Missy: homemade banana and cinnamon muffin (with a muffin case so not nude), salad of carrot sticks, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, capsicum and cheese, a fruit salad, a 100% fruit strap (again not nude) and a Babybel cheese (with 2 layers of “clothes”).

Chappy: homemade not nude muffin, home made hommus with pitta bread, cheese cubes, a fruit salad, non nude 100% fruit strap, brown rice cracker biscuits and some carrot sticks.

Told you two of them were awesome eaters.

The Big Fella: Vita Wheat biscuits, a fruit salad strawberries and blueberries only  (which I doubt will be eaten and if they are, he will eat them with a screwed up face and will try to avoid them touching his tongue), the one flavour of 100% fruit strap that he will eat, the one brand of rice cake he will eat (thankfully they are brown rice and I don’t tell him they also have quinoa in them ’cause I’m not that dumb) and an apple which may as well be plastic because it will come home again. At least if it was plastic it could roll around in the bottom of his bag for eternity and would save me from pulling it out washing it off and putting it back in the bag.

No protein. At least he’ll eat a steak tonight as long as there’s no sauce.

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It’s done. Finally. Poor middle child now has a mummy made quilt.


When I started thinking about a quilt for Chappy way back in the dark ages, I thought about the things he liked.  Knowing his obsession with soccer he’d probably have loved this. Not sure it would go with my decor. Actually I know it wouldn’t. Anyhow he also loves orange (not really a colour that features in our house), camping, animals and being outside. So the fabrics I chose reflect all those things and have a bit of subtle orange thrown in too.


I can’t take the credit for the quilting. It just wasn’t in me. It would still be sitting in the cupboard if it wasn’t for the man with the long arm machine.


I used the Hopscotch pattern by Olive Tree Textiles which I’ve made a couple of times before. It requires 20 fat quarters and the top is pretty fast to make.


He loves it. Hoo-freaking-ray!

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The Big Fella’s sport of choice is sailing. Most Saturdays he’s found down at his sailing club rigging up his little Optimist before he tacks out of the marina and into the bay where he sails with his friends for a few hours. He’s reported seeing turtles, dugongs and dolphins while out there. It’s a fantastic sport, the club is incredibly supportive of their young sailors and it has built his confidence so much. Below is a picture of when he first began sailing, he now has his own boat which is a bit bigger and faster than these ones.

ipad 257

All this sailing means he needs lots of boardies. In the winter he wears a wetsuit but in the summer it’s boardies all the way. I thought this year I’d have a crack at making some for him.


I pulled out the free Oliver & S Sunny Day shorts pattern and grabbed a pair of his favourite RTW boardies to compare. The devil’s in the detail right?


To start with I added 5 inches to the length by splicing and adding. I also added a simple back  pocket with the same dimensions as the one on the RTW pair. To this I inserted an eyelet and a tag.


To the front I included a faux fly, a wider waistband and those things that all board shorts have that the cord runs through. What are those things called? Those flap thingos? Anyone have any idea? Maybe that’s their official name? So I added two flap thingos and punched through two eyelets on each one. The front of the shorts from the edge of the flap thingos is flat which helps to make the front sit nicely.



He’s so darn appreciative of things I make him, bless his heart. “Can you make me some more?” he asked. Love him. He’s my favourite.


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