A run and a stitch or two

So not only did the drain incident interfere with my daily run it also completely decimated my sewjo. I feel as though the last month, life has been paused and that I have become too well acquainted with the couch and good tv. It’s time to get my old life back. So after I dusted off the Mizunos I set to work on the Bernina and cranked out a couple of things.


I’ve put myself on another pattern buying hiatus and have pulled out a couple of old favourites. I adore the Icecream top by O & S. I’ve never made the dress version but have made up the top a number of times and have always loved the result. I realise I’ve only ever used one fabric. I’m so freaking boring. The fabric is a lawn that was super cheap in a Spotlight sale. I’m talking $3 per metre cheap.


Badminton shorts are Missy’s all time favourite. Made up in chambray, they should go with everything and I know they will be worn. I think I may have made the exact same ones last year but it seems the drain has also affected my memory and my enthusiasm to actually go and look.


Not sure if the top will ever see the light of day. Oh well, I enjoyed myself making it.

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3 Responses to A run and a stitch or two

  1. Colesworth says:

    Ice cream top is perfect in lawn – I wouldn’t make it in anything else! Hope she does wear it, it looks nice on her ;o)

  2. beachmomof4 says:

    Love the Ice Cream top in lawn! The outfit is super cute.:)

  3. So long as you had fun making it! What a lovely way to ease yourself back into it. Great outfit.

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