Freaking Lunch

How is it that out of three children who were raised on the same diet, there is one who is so damn fussy he is sending his mother to an early grave? Two little people are awesome eaters, one little person is not so awesome. Not so awesome at all. Given the choice the child would exist on vita wheat biscuits, bacon (but not on pizzas) and steak (with no sauce of any description). He does eat other things and he eats a lot of the things he likes, but it beggars belief what he won’t touch.

He has become better as he gets older but school lunches are still an issue. Combine his fussiness with the school’s bloody food code and my obsession with numbers and there’s not a lot left. We’re a nude food school. Heard of that? Basically means try not to send any extra packaging, cling wrap is the devil’s pancake. Also no nuts of any description. Better than kindy, no nuts, no kiwi fruit, no eggs, no shellfish, no dairy blah blah blah.

So today here’s what was sent,

Missy: homemade banana and cinnamon muffin (with a muffin case so not nude), salad of carrot sticks, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, capsicum and cheese, a fruit salad, a 100% fruit strap (again not nude) and a Babybel cheese (with 2 layers of “clothes”).

Chappy: homemade not nude muffin, home made hommus with pitta bread, cheese cubes, a fruit salad, non nude 100% fruit strap, brown rice cracker biscuits and some carrot sticks.

Told you two of them were awesome eaters.

The Big Fella: Vita Wheat biscuits, a fruit salad strawberries and blueberries only  (which I doubt will be eaten and if they are, he will eat them with a screwed up face and will try to avoid them touching his tongue), the one flavour of 100% fruit strap that he will eat, the one brand of rice cake he will eat (thankfully they are brown rice and I don’t tell him they also have quinoa in them ’cause I’m not that dumb) and an apple which may as well be plastic because it will come home again. At least if it was plastic it could roll around in the bottom of his bag for eternity and would save me from pulling it out washing it off and putting it back in the bag.

No protein. At least he’ll eat a steak tonight as long as there’s no sauce.

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3 Responses to Freaking Lunch

  1. Justine says:

    ….you make me laugh! I can so relate – not necessarily with the picky eater (although all of mine have their issues), but with the whole PITA that lunch boxes are. Think one of the things I like most about school hols is the no lunch box thing 😉

  2. Ana Sofia says:

    Love reading your stuff, Peta 🙂
    Always gets me in a good mood – and yes, I also have a picky eater (probably not as much) and he used to drive me mad every morning. At least now he’s old enough to pack his own lunch. I can’t tell you how much better my mornings have become :))

  3. Colesworth says:

    I don’t have a picky eater but the lunch box still cames back half eaten. Me: “Why didn’t you eat your lunch?” Her: “I wanted to go play!”

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