The Big Fella’s sport of choice is sailing. Most Saturdays he’s found down at his sailing club rigging up his little Optimist before he tacks out of the marina and into the bay where he sails with his friends for a few hours. He’s reported seeing turtles, dugongs and dolphins while out there. It’s a fantastic sport, the club is incredibly supportive of their young sailors and it has built his confidence so much. Below is a picture of when he first began sailing, he now has his own boat which is a bit bigger and faster than these ones.

ipad 257

All this sailing means he needs lots of boardies. In the winter he wears a wetsuit but in the summer it’s boardies all the way. I thought this year I’d have a crack at making some for him.


I pulled out the free Oliver & S Sunny Day shorts pattern and grabbed a pair of his favourite RTW boardies to compare. The devil’s in the detail right?


To start with I added 5 inches to the length by splicing and adding. I also added a simple back  pocket with the same dimensions as the one on the RTW pair. To this I inserted an eyelet and a tag.


To the front I included a faux fly, a wider waistband and those things that all board shorts have that the cord runs through. What are those things called? Those flap thingos? Anyone have any idea? Maybe that’s their official name? So I added two flap thingos and punched through two eyelets on each one. The front of the shorts from the edge of the flap thingos is flat which helps to make the front sit nicely.



He’s so darn appreciative of things I make him, bless his heart. “Can you make me some more?” he asked. Love him. He’s my favourite.


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5 Responses to Boardies

  1. Justine says:

    You are good! These are some fab boardies – can feel some complimenting coming on 😉

  2. sharon K says:

    These are awesome! I can see why he wants more of them. I want to try and make some myself next summer.

  3. Ha ha. All the rules about not playing favourites goes out the window when there are compliments for the sewing right?!
    They look great. the flap thingos totally puts them into the just-like-ready-to-wear category,. Well done.

  4. Brittney says:

    You are so clever! These are great and he needs at least ten more (especially with that attitude).

  5. beachmomof4 says:

    These are awesome!! You did a fabulous job sewing these. You have to make him a dozen more!;)

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