Beach Readiness


Churning them out this week. Staying with the top and shorts theme, I whipped up another pair of Class Picnic shorts (this time in khaki chambray) to go with a Class Picnic top in Hipster Cross Stitch by Aussie designer Shannon Lamden.



We’re heading off to the beach for a little break next week. I can hardly wait. Swimming, eating, beach runs, eating, bike riding, eating, reading and sleeping, not necessarily in that order. My husband has been travelling a lot on business lately, more than usual so it will be nice for all of us to be together without everyday distractions.


Better get my skates on and make my boys some shorts.

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4 Responses to Beach Readiness

  1. Nicole says:

    Perfect beach attire.
    (And awesome reverse French braid)

  2. Frances Suzanne says:

    Yes….what a great “beach outfit”!!! I love those picnic shorts in solid!!

  3. Katy Morrell says:

    Another great outfit!
    I really wish I could do a braid like that. I am officially rubbish in the hair department.

  4. Ana Sofia says:

    That Cross Stitch print is so cool 🙂
    We’re actually looking forward for some cold weather around here, but I never say no to a beach break. Enjoy 🙂

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