Fastest Year of My Life…


Surely this just happened?? Didn’t it? It was not a year ago, please don’t say it was. Please don’t say it’s Freakin Book Week again. Please, I beg you.


Thankfully Missy and I are headed to Sydney for a girls’ trip and sadly (for her) she’ll miss the parade. Chappy on the other hand will be there as will the Big Fella. The latter has decided to go as Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. His reason? “You can just wear plain clothes.” LOVE him. So I suggested Chappy go as a Hobbit again. He looked at me puzzled and said in a bewildered tone. “But I was a Hobbit last year!” Fighting back the urge to turn and run away and never return, I asked what he’d like to be this year and without a pause he replied “Hiccup, from How to Train Your Dragon, please” clearly he’d been thinking about it for a while.


Now Mel made an awesome Hiccup outfit a while back and I bow to her awesomeness. She also made it without complaint, she is a good mummy.  I am not awesome nor did I make mine without complaint. I also didn’t have a great deal of time due to the fact we are going away and I currently have precisely one thousand baskets of laundry requiring attention. I could have done without the whole freaking thing.


You know that saying “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well?” Yeah well bite me. This is slap dash to the extreme. Especially that vest.

Both the vest and the shirt are MIP Mini Shearwater Kaftan and the leggings are his sisters RTW pair but don’t tell him that, he’s rather partial to them and has been wearing them round the house for the past three days. He thinks they’re Skins.

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4 Responses to Fastest Year of My Life…

  1. Colesworth says:

    I need to get my A into G for freakin book week. Luckily, mine is still at the age where I can decide who she goes as!

  2. Toni Coward says:

    Ah you are SO good! I’m hoping something recycled from the dress-up box will suffice my little ones this year…

  3. Nicole says:

    Awesome, a job worth doing, well bite me!

  4. First kid in prep this year and Book Week doesn’t seme to have happened. Or if it did there was no dress ups involved. I was gutted!
    Nice grumpy mum last minute job (again).

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