These currently grace our fridge. How many parties can one little girl be invited to? Why do they always come in waves?


For the first little recipient a Make it Perfect Uptown girl in blue pinwale cord and a stash busted quilting cotton. Missy has been friends with this little poppet since kindy and her mum loves and really appreciates handmade things, so I always make her something.


The little girl loves all things blue so when Missy and I went stash shopping we found this pretty blue paisley that we thought would be perfect for her. I’ve made this pattern a number of times, it’s surprisingly quick. I always seem to go for the combination of a solid cord exterior and a busy quilting cotton lining. I need to broaden my horizons next time.  It’s hard though as little girls get a bit older and don’t want things that are too pretty.


One down, 4 to go.


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7 Responses to Seriously???

  1. sharon K says:

    That’s a lot of parties! I do love your first gift made, it’s so lovely! You are the queen of birthday gifts for sure! : )

  2. Deb says:

    That’s a beautiful gift. The lining fabric is gorgeous. For the Disco party girl are you going to make something 80’s? Maybe with shoulder pads? And when she opens the gift she’ll “Freak Out”. (sorry, I couldn’t resist 🙂 )

  3. Ana Sofia says:

    It’s beautiful! I do love this type of combo for this jacket: plain shell and printed lining (lovely and yet so wearable).

  4. peta s says:

    Thanks Ana Sofia, Not too much I hope.

  5. Nicole says:

    Not too much, perfick!

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