Have I ever said how much I loathe making costumes? Well I do. With a passion. A note came home last week to inform us of the fun filled day planned on the last day of school which requires the children in Missy’s class to dress up as mini beasts…..yay. That yay is sarcastic.

Whenever these things come up I immediately consult Pinterest as I am seriously devoid of any creativity when it comes to costumes. With Missy looking over my shoulder we looked at scores of cute lady bird and beautiful butterfly costumes, none of which appealed. The girly decided she wanted to be a bee. Better than a snail or a slug or a spider. She wanted nothing fancy mind you. No dresses or skirts. An outfit that allowed her to still play tennis at lunch time and was comfortable for the whole day. Out of all the pictures we looked at she kept coming back to this one.


So a Flash Back Skinny T in a rather hideous shade of yellow combined with some ric rac sewed on in stripes was whipped up and the top half was complete.



But what for the bottoms? “I’d like something a bit long, but not all the way long”. Enter O&S Sailboat pants. With a couple of bee-ish details to make them look the part.


A crappy 21st birthday headband with yellow pompoms for antennae and the bee look was almost complete.


Wings? “Well I don’t know. Let me think about wings for a while”. Sure take your time….


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6 Responses to Grrrrrr

  1. beachmomof4 says:

    But you do costumes so well! (absolutely no sarcasm what-so-ever)

    Looks great! I like that she wants something comfortable so she can do her usual activities. Smart girl!

  2. ockduspock says:

    what a good mum you are! it’s a great dress up!

  3. Nicole says:

    Awesome dress up, awesome mummy, awesome girlie!

  4. Colesworth says:

    We had easter bonnet parade today. My kid’s headwear was made out of a headband and doilies and looks more like a showgirl’s headpiece. Much more impressed with your costuming effort!

  5. Masha says:

    “A crappy 21st birthday headband with yellow pompoms for antennae” – I am dying. I share your distaste for costume sewing. I don’t know why I don’t like it – I love sewing for my children otherwise! Maybe it’s because a costume *has* to look like a particular thing and I feel like it stifles my creativity? I don’t know. In any case, this is very cute.

  6. You need to do a worse job than this if you don’t want to be asked again! the outfit is great. I love the stripey socks (leggings?) too. Perfect use of the Sailboat pants

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