Triple Denim


I have to be honest, this girl is so darn fussy about what she wears, it does cause me considerable angst at times. She knows what she likes and  it’s usually not what I like. Not only does our fabric choice differ but things have to fit just so, the length has to be just right, a certain point on her ankle. Blah blah blah. She will not tolerate any type of gaping in her jeans and prefers elastic waists (don’t we all?) so RTW jeans are hit and miss, usually a miss.  Best to pull some denim out of the stash.


I know she likes the fit of Oliver and S’ Afterschool pants so in the interest of my sanity, voila, 3 pairs, with the perfect length, I hope.


I’m topstitched out.

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14 Responses to Triple Denim

  1. Justine says:

    Fabulous jeans, all three. Perfect topstitching!
    Am with you on the angst over clothes – constant conflict here too.

  2. Masha says:

    They are great! I love the polka-dot ones particularly. And look at it this way – how awesome that you are able to sew to her specifications, rather than wasting $ on RTW that just stays in the drawer.

  3. So long as she knows how lucky she is to have you! If my kids ever get fussy I’ll be wanting to approach me with “Most honourable mother, could you please sew me…”
    the jeans all look fantastic. Love all the details.

  4. Colesworth says:

    Wow well done! Some pretty groovy pants there.

  5. I just love all the extra touches that make these special. I wish my kid would wear jeans! !

  6. Inder says:

    I love these!! Well done! This is such a great pants pattern – I really want to sew some up for my big guy Joe, but I’ve recently sewn him several other pairs, so that might be overkill. I hear you on the pickiness – Joe goes through stages of hating everything except sweatpants and PJ pants and it’s so tiring!

  7. ockduspock says:

    these are superb (and really the topstiching is so great, it was worth it!)

  8. beachmomof4 says:

    These are all kinds of fabulous!

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  10. Rebecca says:

    Love the pocket rivets!!

  11. Kim says:

    So awesome! My 8yr old kills me every Sunday when it comes to getting something to wear for church. It does my head in all the time. Must make these for her. Excellent work.

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