Getting my sewjo back

So it had been quite a while since I’d taken the Bernina for a spin. She’s been sitting there under her cover waiting for me but I just haven’t had the time nor the inclination to take her out, poor baby. NZ, Christmas and New Year have meant life has been crazy busy. But things have died down now and are kind of getting back to a normal pace. So I made a couple of things….

My sister has a friend who’s little sister is very ill. She’s having chemo at the moment and is completely exhausted and pretty darn sick from it. Hopefully these Sleepover PJ bottoms will cheer her up a tiny bit, my sister is going to add a rtw top and some magazines and other bits and pieces to try and bring a smile to her little face. We chose the brightest fabric we could find in my stash.


Missy is headed for year one this year. Being my baby, every milestone she reaches seems bittersweet. She is super excited about having a book pack and eagerly helped cover her books and label all her pencils. Together with the thousand scrapbooks on the list she needs an art smock, so off to the cupboard we went for a bit of stash shopping. We looked for a busy print to hide all the paint drips it will no doubt acquire. The pattern is from Little Things to Sew by Liesl Gibson and as always a pleasure to sew.


So what next? I’m thinking this


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5 Responses to Getting my sewjo back

  1. Sharon says:

    I sure those pj bottoms will bring a smile to her face, the fabric is so perfect for it! I do love the art smock as well, I am wanting to make two of them for my two little ones. Yay for getting your sewjo back!!

  2. Deb says:

    Beautiful fabric choices for the jammies and the art smock. Absolutely love the fabric for the Pinwheel. It’s going to look fabulous!

  3. Gorgeous new year sewing! The pinwheel fabric is perfect, can’t wait to see it…

  4. Nicole says:

    Oooh, lovely!
    I had a dress cut to sew for my favourite cousin from the navy colour way of that voile, and then she got pregnant on her first round of IVF so we (very happily) have put it on hold!

  5. beachmomof4 says:

    The pj bottoms are so very cheerful! I hope they help bring a little sunshine to the girl who undergoing chemo.

    The art smock looks great and I love the fabric you chose for the Pinwheel dress.

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