See ya 2013

It’s been a good year for me, no complaints. Sewing wise it has been good but not crazy busy. It seemed to be dominated by gift making. I don’t seem to sew as many clothes now. Missy is at school and doesn’t need as many outfits because she wears a uniform.


But I did sew her a few things.


Not much for the boys.

20131As I said lots of gifts. There are a few other things I whipped up but I think you get the idea.

2014? Thought I might give the old crochet hook a whirl this year. Although currently sitting in 33C heat does nothing to inspire one to use yarn of any sort. So I might put that off for a while. I want to finish my pattern stash bust that I started a while back and finish those pesky quilts, and I want to make my mum a quilt.

That’s all, nothing to set the world on fire.

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6 Responses to See ya 2013

  1. Justine says:

    Such a lot of lovely sewing. My boys’ sewing is pretty on par with you!
    Happy New Year Peta xx

  2. peta s says:

    Maybe I should add more boys’ stuff to my plans for 2014. Hmmmmm

  3. All looks pretty good from here! I’m trying to remind myself to reference your big girl sewing (those neon jeans!) in a few years time.
    happy new year

  4. Brittney says:

    You made lots of pretties this year! I can’t believe how many gifts you made this year, you are awesome sauce.

  5. I tried my hand at a few crochet stitches recently and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as complicated as I had imagined. Don’t think I will be taking up a new craft just yet though, no time!

    You always make gorgeous clothes. Some of those up there are amongst my favourites.

  6. Nicole says:

    You are the queen of gift making.

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