The best…

That’s apparently what I am according to my 6 year old who is totally in love with the latest outfit I’ve made her. Win for me, yay!


When Lotta posted a photo in Flickr recently of a local fabric store’s vast array of knit I knew my pony loving girl would die when she saw the dala horses. Lotta kindly picked some up for me and sent it all the way from Sweden.


The t-shirt is a Flashback Skinny T in size 6 with short sleeves (seriously the quickest t-shirt ever) and the shorts, Bubble Pocket shorts by Elegance and Elephants. We’re always on the lookout for a good shorts pattern. I think I must have misread the instructions on the length of the leg cuff as they were quite a bit bigger than the leg hole. No matter, a quick fix.


I love it when I make something that she wants to wear. Which she has done as often as possible (hence the crushed shorts).


Crazy nut.

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5 Responses to The best…

  1. Sharon says:

    Her outfit looks great! (How nice of Lotta!) It’s such a great feeling when my kids love what I make them. : )

  2. lattemama says:

    Adorable! I had to get that tee-pattern today just because of this post. Gonna try it for S.

    So happy I could help!

  3. Ana Sofia says:

    The horse knit is awesome!
    Truly a winning combination (I must suffer from the same: I’m always looking for a shorts patterns – my girl even wears them during winter time)!

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