Had 3 blissful child free days in the beautiful hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast about an hour and a half’s drive away. Seriously felt like a million miles.


Love those three little people to pieces but it’s nice to be a grown up and drink Verve and eat a 5 course dinner and not have to worry about the dietary likes and dislikes of others. It’s nice to wake up on your own terms and not to be woken at 5 in the morning because you are required to sort out a disagreement.


It’s nice to read a whole book in 2 days because you have nothing better to do. It’s nice to not have to remind little people about homework, drink bottles, sunscreen, sight words blah blah blah.


And it’s really really really nice to have the fairies come into your villa while you’re having a facial at the spa and tidy it up for you.

I  want one of those fairies at my house, wait I bloody am that fairy.


And this is my new house, helipad and all.

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7 Responses to Relax…..

  1. Deb says:

    Wow! What fantastic scenery. What causes those hills way off in the distance to take on such unusual shapes?
    Sounds like you had a perfect few days away to chillax.

  2. peta s says:

    It was a rude shock to be plunged back into real life.
    Those are the Glass House Mountains and are volcanic plugs, the cores of extinct volcanoes that formed 27 million years ago (thank you wikipedia).

  3. beachmomof4 says:

    “…wait I bloody am that fairy.” I about peed my pants over that one! Gorgeous place for a getaway!

  4. Sarah says:

    So beautiful and serene looking. So glad you got to go!

  5. Jennifer says:

    “I am that bloody fairy” yep I am that bloody fairy too.

  6. peta s says:

    I really really want to resign from the fairy role. It’s overrated.

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