Answers please…..

Questions from my 8 year old.

* What would win in a fight? A tiger or a Great White Shark?

* What is the most popular fruit?

* You know those round things that people have? Why do they have them?

* What is the most famous name?

* What do you like more? Potatoes or playing tennis?

* Are sheep natural?

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5 Responses to Answers please…..

  1. Justine says:

    Ummm, a great white, apples, ?, ?, ?, yes 🙂

  2. Brittney says:

    Jack, age 5:
    1. Great White, they are meaner.
    2. Apple
    3. I don’t know, they just need them?
    4. George Washington.
    5. Hate them both.
    6. Blaaaaah! I don’t like sheep either!
    Abby, age 8:
    1. A tiger
    2. Apples
    3. They need them to see.
    4. Mckenzie
    5. Tennis.
    6. Yes.

  3. peta s says:

    He exhausts me sometimes with his questions.

  4. Oh no. My problem is I get too involved in the answers (unless I really can’t be bothered then I just feign deafness) and end up firing my own questions back at them!
    1: land or water based fight? Pick your location first…
    2: Probably something grown in south east asia that you (my child) would refuse to eat if I bought it at the markets but which millions of people subsist on.
    3: You need to be more specific. Are we talking above or below the belt?
    4: Napoleon, or maybe Madonna, wait a minute, Jesus…, no Mohammed… Oh that’s right it’s Coca-Cola
    5: Playing tennis WITH potatoes!
    6: Ask Dolly how natural she feels.

  5. peta s says:

    Ha too funny.
    Turns out those round things that people have are skylights.

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