Nice Mummy


So this is what I made for Missy to wear on her birthday. She’s having a puppy party and has invited some school friends. Whilst she says she loves the dress. I know that she would probably be more comfortable in shorts. So I’ve decided to compromise. My thought is she can wear the dress when the guests first arrive then change as the party kicks in to full swing.


I wanted to make her some new shorts and after seeing Cindy’s Hula Hoop shorts my decision was made.  Like Cindy, I too am reminded of my all time favourite Puppet Show shorts that Missy can still just squeeze into. Something about the little pockets and full leg gathered in.


Here they are on the cover of issue 3/2012. I always procrastinate when it comes to tracing off an Ottobre pattern and when I finally do, I always think to myself, see that wasn’t so bad now was it? I used some Robert Kaufman interweave chambray in sorbet which is delicious and used 1/4 inch elastic in the pockets and hems rather than the 1/2 inch specified in the pattern. I also changed the waistband construction a bit. She was very definite that she did not want a belt.  They are a little bit big but that just means she can wear them for longer. I always know when she really likes something, she wants to wear it immediately and these were a winner.

Hong Kong 011

Of course she needed a top to go with it and running short on time I went with a RTW shirt and added a puppy applique found here (and we all know how much I love a bit of late night applique).

Hong Kong 012

Hong Kong 013

2013-10-02 Hong KongAnyway voila, a 2nd little outfit for the party. Why do I do this to myself?

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9 Responses to Nice Mummy

  1. Sharon says:

    So cute and I bet with the chambray fabric they are lovely to wear! Very lucky birthday girl!

  2. Justine says:

    You are a lovely mummy!
    Love the shorts – maybe I should get this issue for the day when Lucy outgrows the Puppet Show….

  3. You are a nice mummy! My girl loved those shorts this summer!

  4. Katy says:

    She is a lucky girl! You have made some fab clothes. My daughter would love the shorts and doggy tee combo. Better not show her the photo else she may pester me for some!

  5. Nicole says:

    Very nice Mummy.
    But little girls are meant for spoiling.
    Both outfits are lovely.

  6. Brittney says:

    Happy birthday sweet girl.
    Love that purple color.

  7. LOVE that dachshund T-shirt! Brilliant.

  8. Ana Sofia says:

    Oh, I do love the dress! The fabric is fabulous!!
    Yet, I can see why she loved the shorts/tee combo – it’s perfect for partying 🙂
    PS: I always feel the same about Ottobre. I try to avoid it as much as possible but when I do venture, I always love the results. Go figure 🙂

  9. beachmomof4 says:

    Very nice Mummy, indeed! I love that you made a play outfit that she’s more comfortable in for the rest of the party. The dog applique on the tee is so cute! My girls love their Bubble shorts…what will I do when they outgrow that one??lol

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