Just a bobbin or two

Last week I made the trip into my local fabric store to stock up on some spare bobbins. That’s all. No fabric, I told myself. No patterns. And I didn’t buy any fabric or patterns. But, and it’s only a little but,  I did buy this adorable panel, (yes I know it’s like fabric but it’s not fabric).


It’s a screen print on some natural linen. I couldn’t go past him. His name is Pipsqueak. And believe it or not he’s made by two ladies who live in my town! How cool!

Originally my thought was to make a small cushion with him and back it in denim and have red pom poms round the edge but then I googled Cat and Vee and saw this in their flickr stream and I decided there and then to totally rip their idea off.

It’s Missy’s birthday on Friday and she’s having a puppy party, (so fortuitous). I looked for some fabrics in my scraps that would go with her quilt that I made her two years ago. No wait, 3 years ago!!!



I made her some bunting during the week to hang at her party and as my friend Sarah says it makes “everything look so festive and fun”. I decided to put some on the back and I think I’ll embroider a Happy Birthday. I used some natural linen from the stash which has quite a loose weave. If you look at it it crushes but I like its texture.


009The finished product will sit perfectly on her bed or the white wicker chair in her bedroom.


I can’t believe my baby is turning 6.

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12 Responses to Just a bobbin or two

  1. Nicole says:

    You are so clever!
    Happiest of Birthdays sweet little girl.

  2. Deb says:

    What a sweet treasure you’ve made. Love the bunting on the back panel.
    (BTW that’s an interesting piece of furniture it’s sitting on in the photo.)
    Best wishes for your daughters 6th birthday.

  3. Katy says:

    What lovely presents you have made her! I am always surprised that whenever I make a new ‘something’ for my daughters room, that she is genuinely delighted. I remember she slept with her sprocket pillow for weeks because ‘mummy had made it’. Children are so surprising at times.
    I hadn’t seen that quilt before – gorgeous! It will match perfectly!

    • peta s says:

      How sweet of your little poppet.
      I do love quilting but get to the stage where I can’t stand the sight of the one I’m working on anymore and need to put it away for a while. I have 2 that need finishing and I keep putting them off.

  4. Justine says:

    Peta, this is gorgeous. You do have such a fab eye! Totally love the mini bunting too – Sarah is right 🙂
    And Happy Birthday Missy Moo! (6!)

  5. Sandi Knowles says:

    This is adorable. I like your fabric selection even better than the inspiration cushion. I think I must have one of these panels!

  6. Sandi Knowles says:

    Couldn’t resist – just ordered a Pipsqueak and a Meow Meow from their Etsy shop. Now the long wait for them to arrive!

  7. Very cute cushion. Well done, and pass on my happy birthday wishes.

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