Brown bananas

Chmas 010

Why do bananas go brown so quickly? My two youngest are fruit bats and eat fruit like it’s going out of fashion. I still always end up with brown bananas no matter how many I buy or how many they eat.

Chmas 011

Baking with bananas was on the agenda this morning and being school holidays I had two little helpers. The other was way too busy drawing cartoons.

Chmas 020

We LOVE banana bread and the recipe I always use is one from Marie Claire’s Kitchen book. It has orange zest in it which gives it a fresh zing. I think everyone has a favourite banana bread recipe so I’m not going to bore you with mine.

Chmas 016

The recipe only calls for 2 bananas and I had 7 brown bananas languishing in the fruit bowl. So I thought I’d have a go at making some muesli bars. I’m really, really bothered by the amount of hidden sugar in our diets and am always on the look out for sugar free recipes. This recipe has no sugar, no egg, no dairy, no flour and has a permanent halo. I can’t remember where it came from but it’s filed in my dodgy note-book on a piece of splattered baking paper and is in someone else’s handwriting. It probably came from a lady at tuckshop. To whoever you are, I thank you, you are a legend. Each time I make them I add things or leave out things but the first 3 ingredients are always the same.

Sugar Free Banana and Oat Bars

2 to 3 over ripe bananas

2 cups rolled oats

1 tsp vanilla

Any dried fruit you like. Sultanas, chopped apricots, chopped dates, raisins… whatever. No exact measurements I’m afraid, I just sprinkle in enough so that it looks good.

You can also add nuts, pepitos and any  other incredibly wholesome goodness you have in your pantry. This time I added chia seeds. Same thing with my exact measurements.

Smush the bananas until they are almost liquified. Add vanilla, then oats and mix. Add the  other ingredients. Whack them into a square slice tin and bake in a 180c oven for about 30 mins. Let them cool and then cut them into squares.

Chmas 024

Let me say these are not like eating a sugar and fat laden muesli bar, but they are delicious. The kids really love them and are incredibly good for them. AND as they are basically made in one bowl with no beaters there is very little clean up….WIN!

Chmas 027

Is there anything better than licking the beaters and bowl?

Chmas 021

So now I’ve only 2 brown bananas left in the fruit bowl.

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11 Responses to Brown bananas

  1. Justine says:

    Oh, I am with you on the brown banana thing. I’ve just about given up on buying bananas as I can’t stand how many end up as cake!
    The muesli bars look yum – may give them a try….

  2. peta s says:

    I heard today that they “gas” them to make them ripen at the same time and interestingly when I buy them from a local farmer they don’t go brown nearly as fast. Sounds so sinister. The oat bars are pretty good especially since they are guilt free.

  3. lattemama says:

    Why are the bananas red on the end? Is that a different variety? I have never seen those before.

    I like banana bread but like Justine I can’t keep making cake. I try to only buy three bananas at a time because Rickard and I are the only ones who eat them. My girls are very picky when it comes to fruit. They almost only eat grapes (which we only get half the year) and sometimes a sweet apple if I cut it up for them.

  4. Peta says:

    They’re eco bananas They go brown just as quickly. My eldest is not a big fruit eater. Apples, bananas and kiwi and that’s it. Not long until it’s mango season here.

  5. I’m jealous that you’re getting weather that’s warm enough to turn your bananas brown.
    Last summer I was peeling them then sticking them in the freezer. If you take a frozen banana, add milk and a spoonful of chocolate drinking powder then whiz it up you get an awesome, thickshake!

  6. Jennifer says:

    I have read that if you dont leave them attached to each other they take longer to go brown. I keep forgetting to do it and like you end up with brown bananas no matter how many we buy or eat. I love bananas so will have to try your recipe as it looks yummy

  7. Nicole says:

    I wish we got brown bananas, they are eating too quickly as they are seen as a ‘treat’ fruit.

    Those muesli bars look yum!

  8. jbob says:

    Also apples make them brown quicker.

  9. Masha says:

    Thanks for this recipe! I have been using my brown bananas to make muffins but I always find that I need to add some kind of sweetener. I am baking these bars right now (I added flaxseed, shredded coconut and raisins to mine) and will feed them to the girls when they get home from ballet. I think they will like them!

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