Could it be more girly?


Yep, that’s right, another one down. Officially a legend in my own lunchbox.


The Oliver and S Fairy Tale is done and dusted. And what a pleasure to sew it was.  When I first saw this fabric I immediately thought of the Fairy Tale, all those flowers.


Knowing my poppet all too well, I eliminated the collar and went with the sleeveless view B. Missy is between sizes at the moment and as she is not a huge fan of dresses I sized up so she has time to wear it more than once. It’s a little big for her in the bodice.


That bow kills me,  I LOVE it.


Whilst I love a quick pattern,there is something immensely rewarding about working on something a little more time-consuming. So many lovely details. I did have some zipper issues. After carefully putting it in, getting as close to those coils as possible,  I went to close it up and somehow the thing split and was rendered useless. Oooooh la la the  language, enough to make anyone blush. Thankfully it was a school day and small delicate ears were not present. Man I hate unpicking things. After bad temperdly putting in a 2nd zip, the waistband was about 1/8″ out and I just couldn’t go about fixing it. That bow covers it anyway, another reason to love it.


Looking at it I wonder what possessed me to make my shorts loving girl such a girly dress. I hope she likes it. It’s her birthday coming up, I always make her a dress to wear out to dinner and I’m all for tradition.


While I hope she likes it, I realise that she is who she is and I wouldn’t change her for the world. She is kind, brave, really clever, full of life, and as sweet as can be. My sister and I were chatting the other night about how neither of our girls are the girly type. We were both girls who loved climbing trees, building cubbies, sports of all kinds and riding our ponies. We were always in shorts, jeans or jodhpurs.  It seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Still going to make pretty dresses though. Might even pull out the Pinwheel. Crazy!

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9 Responses to Could it be more girly?

  1. Nicole says:

    Its stunning and perfectly the right amount of girly without being too much.

  2. Justine says:

    Gorgeous Peta – and not overly girly, I don’t think!
    Can’t wait to see your Pinwheel 🙂

  3. pilesoflaundry says:

    I had to do a double take to make sure that was really your girl in flowers and a pink bow! The dress is stunning! That fabric is a perfect fit!! And, girly girls are highly overrated. 🙂

  4. Cindy says:

    You are a legend!:) Love the dress, the fabric is perfect for the Fairy Tale pattern. My girls will wear “girly” clothes…and then go climb trees, dig in the dirt, build forts, ride bikes,

  5. Sarah says:

    I LOVE it!

  6. Karen says:

    I love this dress. What fabric did you use. Those small flowers are perfect for this dress.

  7. peta s says:

    Thank you ladies. Such a lovely pattern to make although next time I’m going to use Nicole’s method for the lining. The fabric is from Spotlight, a no namer. I loved it when I saw it.

  8. Lovely dress. I understand that it can still be a pleasure to sew something that may not get worn much, if at all (been there often enough!).
    This one’s still in my pile of patterns to make and I think I’ve even drafted a size , better get cracking. I should take a picture of my unmade patterns but I think I’d need a wider angle lens to get them all in frame! You’re inspiring as always.

  9. peta s says:

    It’s a bit scary. I have so many other patterns that haven’t made this round. I’ve been so good not buying any new ones not even the O&S ones. It’s so hard, I feel like a two year old in the lolly ailse of the supermarket, I’m so very close to throwing myself on the floor and cracking a tantrum, I want them so much.

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