A box of treasures


Six years ago my father was diagnosed with cancer. As my mum and dad nervously sat in the oncologist’s waiting room on his first appointment, Mum noticed a couple sitting opposite them. They were about the same age, looked similarly nervous and strangely familiar. It turned out they were friends from long ago that they had lost contact with. Dad had gone to school with Jim some 45 years before. In their youth, the two couples had been to parties and balls together and had attended each other’s weddings. They had led similar lives over those lost years and now lived only 10 or so minutes from each other. They are now inseperable, not a weekend goes by without them seeing one another and I have to book months ahead if I want some babysitting. As dreadful as the period has been it has been wonderful for them to reconnect, especially for the two women who have each other to turn to, knowing full well the other one will understand what she is going through.


Another wonderful thing is they are fabric importers. Yes, that’s right, FABRIC IMPORTERS. They sell amazing European fabrics to fabric stores and interior designers. I’ve been over to their warehouse a couple of times which is a complete treasure trove. Silks, linens, brocades and other yumminess. Mum presented me with this box last week and said, “Here, Sandra wondered if you could do anything with these samples. If you can’t, she said to just give it to the kindergarten”.


Hmmmmm I think I can do something….

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One Response to A box of treasures

  1. Justine says:

    Such a lovely, if bittersweet, story Peta. As for the box of treasures – wow!

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