And another one bites the dust


Two down! I am all over this challenge like a rash.

I’d traced MIP’s Mini Poppy when I first bought the pattern way back when it first came out. I had to have it after making myself one and wearing it until it died.


It’s a funny thing making something that you know will probably not be worn by the recipient. Part of me thinks I am completely wasting my time. But I love sewing a new pattern,  I love the fabrics that I chose and if she doesn’t wear it, it will be passed on to my niece and if she doesn’t wear it, it will be passed on to someone else until someone loves it.


I chose some Echino that has been marinating for quite some time in the stash, begging for a pattern that would show it off. The main fabric is some navy linen also from the stash (told you I was all over it).


She says she loves it but then she always does. She’s very sweet in that respect but I have a feeling it’s destined for someone else.

Lovely clear instructions, I had no issues except when I burnt my fingers for the 100th time while making the binding. I made no changes and if she does wear it I will be making more, lots more.

* She DOES love it and chose to wear it to school today. Looks like there will be lots more of these babies. Yay!

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9 Responses to And another one bites the dust

  1. Deb says:

    Now I’ve got another Queen song in my head.
    Love the enchino paired with the linen – very nice.

  2. I sew like that all the time. Someone will love it and I’ll enjoy making it so raspberries to you, small child of mine! This is a great little dress. I’ve never noticed the pattern before, but I like your version.
    I should photograph all my untouched patterns too. Inspiring! Keep it up.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Oooohhhh love it. The Echino fabric is perfect!

  4. beachmomof4 says:

    You are the challenge queen! All hail Peta!:) Seriously, I love how you make a challenge and then actually complete it. Unlike my gazillion of challenges that are started and then abandoned.

    Love the mini Poppy…pairing the Echino with the solid navy really lets it shine!

  5. peta s says:

    Ha! Not sure if I’ll actually finish this challenge before my children have children of their own!

  6. Teresa says:

    I have never seen this pattern before but I love it! My daughter and your daughter must be in the same phase…shorts are in and dresses are out! I need to make more shorts for her!

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