One down…..


The outfit chosen by Chappy yesterday to go to a birthday party was embarrassing. I came close to disowning him.  Navy shorts with big green frogs  made way back in Jan 2010 (you can imagine how tight they are now) and a red striped shirt. So fashion forward. When I went to find something less assaulting on the eye, I discovered the poor child had very few clothes that fit him. Why do they always grow?

Perfect chance to start the challenge I set myself a couple of weeks ago and promptly forgot about. MIP’s Long Board Shorts were in order given the 25C winter days that we are currently having. I made size 8 (because that’s how old he is) but with 9 length.




Those fish were a huge pain to match up and while they are far from perfect they’ll do. It’s a fabulous pattern, taking no time to whip up. I especially love the soft ribbed waistband as does he. I left off the knee patches because, although hard to believe, my boys don’t tend to go through the knees of their shorts.

Great for a rugby match against your dad and siblings.


Until your sister kicks it down the hill and it all ends in tears.

Ten points if you can spot the ball.

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6 Responses to One down…..

  1. Toni Coward says:

    I love them! Great fabric choice and impressive fish matching 🙂

  2. beachmomof4 says:

    The shorts look fabulous! I love the fabric that you used.:)

  3. peta s says:

    Thanks ladies. Such a great pattern for boys.

  4. Wow, the outfield is pretty rough at your place!
    I need to photograph all my unsewn patterns like that to become accountable for sewing them!

  5. peta s says:

    problem is that the above photo is only a small insight into my unused pattern collection. It is almost as out of control as the fabric situation, almost.

  6. Nicole says:

    Awesome shorts, no jokes I used ’em up.

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