Books, books bookity books

I love children’s books. I have such strong memories of my childhood bookshelf that was packed to the nines with titles. Mum always read to me in bed at night and I use to make her do different voices for each character and get crabby when she used the wrong voice.

In a former life I was an early childhood/primary school teacher which gave me the great excuse to buy children’s books and now with 3 little people of my own, the excuse continues. Each one of my kids has a bookshelf in their rooms which is full to overflowing. If I’m out and about and walk past a bookshop, in I go and out I come with a book or two for each of them. Bit like fabric really, its an addiction but a good one I think.

Here are a few of our favourites. Some are new, some are ancient, all are loved.


Farmer Duck because we are all about fairness in this house and helping one another. We all love that the lazy farmer gets turfed off his farm.

Cat and Fish because the illustrations are so beautiful. The story is beautiful as well but the illustrations are sublime.

The Worst Princess because we are strong women around here and can rescue ourselves, thanks very much.

Wonky Donkey, the title just says it all.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea because it was my favourite as a child and I love the fact that my kids love it too.

And lastly The Smartest Giant in Town because we are addicted to anything by Juila Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

Unfortunately we don’t do the library very well. We’re really good at the going to part, and the getting books out part, but are really, really crap at the taking the books back part.

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4 Responses to Books, books bookity books

  1. Sarah says:

    I love books too. As an former early childhood teacher, children’s literature was a passion of mine then and it continues now as a parent.

  2. Nicole says:

    We love books, some of ours are so tatty now.
    Lidia played the duck in her class play. ‘How goes the work’? answered by ‘Quack’ is a catch cry at out house.

  3. Justine says:

    Book house here too – we have pretty much run out of bookshelf space (mine and the kids) – am about to ‘archive’ some of the board books (sob!) so as to move the last lot of picture books from Rosie’s room to Lucy’s…
    (The Tiger who Came to Tea is a total favourite here too)
    Lucy recently went to a party at her best friend’s house – her main observation after to me – ‘M doesn’t have any bookshelves…’

  4. Oh I can never resist a good book and I love to ‘own’ them. Same problem with the library and due dates at our house. Luckily I live near the most wonderful kids book shop which is stocked with all the great ones from my childhood as well as great new ones. I ask for that book about the sneezing horse and they know exactly what I’m after!

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