Out of control

Like most sewing people, I have a sizable stash of fabrics, which is a little excessive but doesn’t bother me too much. It’s neat, it’s tidy, it’s relatively organised, tucked away in three cupboards in our main hall, (what are cupboards for but to fill?) What does bother me is the number of patterns that I have that I have never made.
Whilst fabric doesn’t have a use by date, patterns kind of do. If my children grow out of the size range of the pattern before I make it, I get kind of depressed. So in an effort to stave off the blues I am setting myself a challenge to make up (some) of the patterns that I have and have never made. That’s not to say I will limit myself to just these but I’m going to work through them, I promise. I did something similar last year with the O&S patterns that I had and hadn’t made and it felt so so so good.
SOOO these are the babies that are going to break out of their plastic wrap, get unfolded and traced, refolded (but not neatly) jammed back into their plastic wrap and made up.


Ok, yes they are not all of the patterns that I have that have never seen the light of day. But they’re a start. Not sure where I’ll start, maybe the MIP Little Poppy??? I think I might have even traced that one off. Doubt Missy will like it but it’s worth a shot. Now to raid the fabric stash

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5 Responses to Out of control

  1. Cindy says:

    I enjoyed following your progress while you busted those O&S patterns. Can’t wait to watch your progress on this bust!

  2. Millie says:

    Good luck with this! Great to see you with a blog!

  3. Nicole says:

    Very admirable. Fight the good fight and all that jazz!

  4. peta s says:

    One can but try. No progress to date nor any motivation….

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