Gift Giving

It’s birthday season here. Not a weekend goes by without someone heading off to a birthday party. It’s crazy. There are currently 4 invitations on our fridge and I just chucked out another 6 that have been and gone. For some absurd reason I thought it would be grand to make some handmade goodness. Insane.

You’re never sure if a handmade gift will be appreciated or thought of as a tad naff. But I figured nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Seeing as I have a to do list as long as my arm, there are a few criteria that have to be met when I’m making a gift for a little person.

  • Needs to be quick to make
  • No zips
  • Max 2 buttons (preferably none)
  • The pattern needs to already be traced off or printed out.

(That’s right my generosity does not extend to zips, no way, no how)

001Last year I made a heap of Make it Perfect Slumber Party PJs for birthday presents. No buttons, no zips, takes a mere metre of fabric and less time than driving to the shop, finding a car park, dodging the man trying to sell you face cream and hunting for a present.  All boxes ticked.


This year I decided on Hula Hoop Skirts from Oliver and S for the little girls. Seriously fast, no buttons or zips and great for twirling. Teamed with a couple of matching button hair elastics and Bob’s your uncle. Way better than another toy, or at least I think so.


After making 5 in quick succession I was a little Hula-ed out and made two MIP Uptown girl jackets (meets the criteria even with buttons). One for Missy’s bestie and another for a dear friend’s one year old baby.

Just finished a Class Picnic blouse for another friend of Missy’s and am about to start some PJs for twin boys, I haven’t even thought about the other 3. A trip to the shops is looking more and more appealing.

I’m happy to report each gift has been very well received by little poppet and their mum. Yay me.

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2 Responses to Gift Giving

  1. Nicole says:

    You are kind and your sewing is perfect.
    Who wouldn’t want a gift that lovely?

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